Luggage storage in Syracuse

Do you want to leave your luggage safe while taking a walk or renting a bike? Take advantage of our simple and safe Syracuse luggage storage service , you will find us between the station and Ortigia .

Our luggage storage is in fact close to major points of interest such as Piazza Duomo and La Fonte Aretusa but also the train station and the port . Once you have delivered your suitcases you can enjoy your stay and go around with your hands free without worries!

Also from us you can rent a bicycle and enjoy a discounted price! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice visit to Syracuse!

Syracuse luggage storage rates

The rates for luggage storage in Syracuse are extremely low. Discounts and discounted prices for all those who purchase one of our services.

1 hours€ 1.50
1 day€ 6.90
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