Things to See in Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the most beautiful cities on the south east coast of Sicily. It is known for the ruins of Greco-Roman antiquity, the countless Baroque churches and breathtaking landscapes but also for the food, the uses and the typical costumes of the place. The ideal way to visit it is on 2 wheels. With us you can rent a bike or a scooter at low prices and on the website you will find many tours and excursions to visit Syracuse with a tour guide for an unforgettable experience! Or you can participate in our free 2h and 30 ‘bike tour with a guide elected best tour 2020. In this post you will discover the 5 things to see in Syracuse.

1 Ortigia

The Island of Ortigia represents the historic center of Syracuse and is a must for all those who visit these places. It is no coincidence that it was elected a World Heritage Site by UNESCO! Walking through the streets of the historic center you can admire a triumph of palaces, churches, courtyards, temples, fountains and castles that will leave you breathless.

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2 Archaeological Park of Neapolis

If you want to rediscover the Greek and Roman Syracuse, the Archaeological Park of Neapolis is an open-air museum as well as being a real green lung with its centuries-old olive and citrus groves. Inside you can admire the Ear of Dionysus, the Roman Amphitheater and the Greek Theater together with other important monuments of ancient civilization.

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3 Noto

Noto is the capital of Sicilian Baroque, since 2002 under UNESCO protection together with the other villages in the valley. Noto will impress you with its monuments and historic buildings! Its beauty, so harmonious as to seem a fiction, the scene of a film by Tornatore dates back to the 5th century BC but was born from a tragic event: following the earthquake of 1693 it was rebuilt in an entirely Baroque key.

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4 Marzamemi

Marzamemi is a beautiful seaside village in the province of Syracuse, a few kilometers away from Noto. It rises and develops entirely on the sea. Its birth dates back to around the year one thousand, when the Arabs built the Tonnara here, which for many centuries was the main one in the whole of Eastern Sicily. Marzamemi is a place of great charm and suggestion, but also of delicious foods where even today the historical link between the city and the sea is perceived.

5 Naturalistic Oasis of Vendicari

The Vendicari Oasis is a nature reserve established by the Sicily Region that extends for more than 15,000 hectares. No resorts, umbrellas, chairs and drinks on the beach. Only crystal clear sea, spectacular cliffs and white beaches to fully enjoy the incredible naturalistic beauties of south-eastern Sicily. Within the reserve, an entire ecosystem lives undisturbed. Frequently you can see Flamingos, Herons, Storks and other migratory birds.

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